How Bespoke Suit is Made | Step by Step Bespoke Tailoring Process

When you visit Msnellbespoke Tailors, you will be welcomed at our Store. You are here as you want a bespoke suit for yourself. You will be handled by our best bespoke tailors.

We will guide you about the bespoke suit tailoring process. 

Step by Step Bespoke Tailoring Process

Step One: Selection of Fabric

The First thing our tailors do is to show the fabric for your suit. You can select the fabric as per your requirements.

We have different patterns of fabric, you can choose striped, plain, or any other patterns as you wish.

We have a collection of Wool, Cotton, Linen, and in luxury fabric, you can choose from Silk, Cashmere, or Mohair.

bespoke tailoring process 5

Step Two: Taking precise Measurement

After the selection of fabric, our Tailor will take precise measurements of your body in which 15-20 different measurements will be jotted down.

This process plays a very important role in the curation of your bespoke suit. If you are going for online measurement, you must have a partner with you to take all the required measurements very precisely.

In this process, you must ask a bespoke tailor to guide you throughout the process. To suggest you, our bespoke tailors are always there to guide you, just message us over Whatsapp given on the lower right corner.

bespoke tailoring process 2

Step Three: Structuring & Cutting of Fabric by designer

We cut the correct amount of fabric from the roll to ensure that all your garments are cut from the same cloth.

The suit is then “bespoken for”, as the saying goes. Your chosen fabric is passed to the cutter, who is the architect and designer of your suit.

He analyses your measurements and photographs and cuts an individual pattern, thereby laying the initial foundations of the suit. 

bespoke tailoring process 3

Step Four: Tailor Stitch the Suit for the required shape and form

These cut pieces are then passed on to the master tailor (or coat maker) who gives the suit its shape and form.

For a Bespoke Suit, this process is done with hands without using a Machine. So this process is very time-consuming.

The Tailor has to follow the measurements given by you.

bespoke tailoring process 4

Step Five: Finisher do all the hand finishing tasks

After this, the suit is passed to a seamstress or finisher, who does all the hand-finishing such as the button-holes, buttons, and buckles.

bespoke tailoring process 5

Step six: Presses will give it the final shape

This process is repeated for the trousers (we have a specialized jacket and trousers tailors). The completed suit is then forwarded to the presser who gives the suit its final shape. The suit is then analyzed for quality control before we contact you to arrange your first fitting.

bespoke tailoring process 6

Step Seven: Taking Delivery of your Bespoke Suit

At your first fitting, you will try on your suit in front of a tailor.

At this point, you will consult with the tailor on any further alterations that may be required – in order that the suit fits you like a glove.

The tailor will give his or her opinion but you are encouraged to express your own desires about any amendments you would like.

We will complete the alterations in 7-10 days and call you to arrange your next fitting – at that time we would hope that your suit is ready to be taken away and you can enjoy your best dressing experience.

If you have any other queries about bespoke clothing, you can ask our Bespoke tailors.

You can chat directly on Whatsapp click the Whatsapp icon in the lower right corner.

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