How long should the jacket be?

It’s probably a question you do not address very often. But that does not mean it does not have to be careful of proportions. Every time we wear something, it must be in harmony with the rest of the pieces in the hold “The basic tip for custom clothing” .

One of the basic rules tells us that the bottom of the jacket must fall in the middle of the palm. Because we as men are different from the point of view of conformance, this rule does not apply every time. The jacket should be in harmony with both your height and your pants.

We have the following case: men of the same height, but with shorter or longer arms. Here the jack will be either too long or too short.

If we’re going to go deeper into the problem, the jacket should be half the distance from the neck to the shoe. Practically half of the area covered with clothes.

The correct length of the sleeve can be as follows. Measures from the point of intersection of the neck with the shoulder to the area where the thumb joins the palm.

You must consider that you cannot have the jacket too short or too long. A long jacket will make your legs too short, and one too short your legs too long. In addition, the back of the jacket should cover your seat. When you want to look like longer legs you can call  your tailor to make your clothes that way.

To look taller, you should shorten the length of the jacket. After all, you must choose the length so that it benefits you.

The length of the jacket is also influenced by other aspects. For example, if you have a round back then you need more material to keep the correct proportions. But here are other variants because many brands have also released the shorter, “young” or “casual” version.

I recommend you stay away from it because it’s funny and you do not benefit in any way. It will look like a coat into the water.

No matter what decision you make, think about how it can benefit you.





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