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Spring Cleaning

In With The New, Out With the Old: Spring Cleaning Tips for Men’s Closets

When it finally starts to get tangibly warmer, and it begins to feel like there might be an end in sight to winter after all, we know it’s time for that much-beloved annual tradition, the spring cleaning. While it’s obvious to think of cleaning out the garage, or maybe the attic, the closet is one space that is frequently overlooked, particularly by guys. And yet spring is the perfect time to clean and organize your closet.

Because it coincides with the change of seasons, this is the perfect opportunity to swap out the clothes in your closet. Put your winter items away, and pull out your warmer weather gear. As you are digging through piles of clothes, wash everything you find that needs to be cleaned. Toss dirty shirts and socks in the washer; iron those clean, but wrinkled, dress shirts.

If you are putting certain items, like winter coats and suits, into deep storage (for a season or longer), bring them to the dry cleaners beforehand. And while you are bringing your larger items, go ahead and throw in all the shirts or dress pants that also should probably be dry-cleaned, but you have maybe not been doing a great job of taking care of. Make sure that you are hitting the basics of clothing care in your closet: discard all wire hangers (which are disastrous for clothes); carefully fold and put away your knits.

Spring cleaning is also the perfect occasion to assess what’s missing from your wardrobe (tip: write out a list), as well as find and dig out those things that you will never wear again. Make a pile of all the clothes you have not worn since the late 1990s, and are, let’s face it, never going to wear again, and donate the whole lot.


Organization, Organization

While everything is in a state of chaos, it’s also the perfect time to re-organize, or perhaps implement a system to organize your closet for the first time. It doesn’t have to be complicated; even color-coding is a start! The important thing is to develop a system, starting with the basics: clothes on hangers; shoes in shoe racks. If you don’t have a good way to store and organize your ties, buy a tie hangar, or find a box and store them rolled up.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband