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GvS Handcrafted Shoe

Invest in Butter Shoes

There are two broad types of shoes available.  The cheap mass produced shoe which falls apart in six to nine months and the expensive hand crafted shoe which lasts decades. The cheap shoe is manufactured through the global market while the expensive shoe is built closer to home. It is somewhat ironic that a shoe which is shipped from the other side of the globe should be so cheap while the shoe built fifty miles from your house is outside a reasonable price range. However we leverage this expense against longevity. There is no more intimate investment than footwear. Putting away ten to twenty dollars here and there over a year’s time frame in order to purchase a good hand crafted shoe is a wonderful blend of luxury and necessity. There is something exquisite in shopping high end. Everything is slower. One is not pampered but rather properly attended to. You sit. You discuss. Needs and wants are pondered. You make your purchase and never look back.


A handcrafted shoe, also known as hand sewn, is typically thought of as made without machines. This is somewhat of a misunderstanding for in all handcrafts machines play a part. The difference is in the workman. The employee mass producing footwear typically has a small limited function in production, rarely ever seeing the beginning or end design. The process is so abstract that he rarely thinks he’s making a shoe at all. The craftsman however has a significant presence over the life of the shoe. He has a choice of equipment, machine or tool. He has access to his creativity and his emotions and can pour them into the design. This is one of the reasons why we instinctively prefer these high ends products over the mass produced.  We somehow pick up on the vibe of its making.


In the last decade the manufacturing of handcrafted shoes has increased significantly. There are now several options for the buyer and one does not need to hunt overlong for a brand. Price is still a consideration but we must shift our perspective to these items as a personal investment, an experience which trains us to expand our focus and our expectations of what is possible for us.

Luckily You Don’t Have to Break a Bank to Get a Handcrafted Shoe!

GvS Handcrafted Shoe

Established in 2000 by Michael D Snell, GvS provides an extensive line of footwear in the $300-$1300 price range. You get to pick your leather, color, sole and every design details. The expert craftsmen of GvS will handcraft your shoes to your specifications using the finest materials and with bespoke workmanship. You get to customize your footwear to your exact specification.


Rest assured, your shoe will have unique personality just like you do. There are 8 stages of meticulous production and through world-class craftsmanship, your custom shoe will be ready for you in about 20 days. The shoes are handcrafted and hand-finished, unlike anything you have ever experienced. So what are you waiting for? Order your pair today, right here at GvS Shoes.



Michael Snell

Loving father and husband