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Is It Best to Rent or Buy a Tuxedo?

The overall cost of a tuxedo is on the rise, but does this necessarily mean that it’s game over for those who would rather buy a tuxedo than rent one? Not necessarily. In fact, buying a tuxedo can still prove to be one of the smartest investments a man can make provided he’s able to confidently deal with the following issues:



When it comes to any suit of clothes, whether it’s a full tuxedo or an off-the-rack interview suit, sizing plays one of the most pivotal roles in choosing whether or not to buy a tuxedo. Younger men often fluctuate in size throughout the lives and it’s not unusual for sizes to gravitate from one extreme to another through issues like weight gain, shape changes, or even just hitting the gym on a regular basis.

This often means that men can choose to buy a tuxedo later in their lives with confidence. While young men aren’t necessarily excluded from the buying decision, it might not be the smartest decision for a young man to make. That is, unless, he’s confident in the ability to keep his body shape throughout the life of a tuxedo.



Tuxedos play a role in very specific, special occasions. This might actually swing some younger men in the direction of buying a tuxedo since they’re more likely to frequent these special occasions at critical times in both their own lives and the lives of their friends and family members. When choosing to buy a tuxedo, it’s important to consider how much wear it’s actually going to take on throughout its life in a wardrobe. A one-off occasion might be a bad investment, but after five or six wears, tuxedos usually pay for themselves against rental prices.



Tuxedos are made of fine wools or satins that require quite a bit of care on behalf of their owners. This means, following a night out, tuxedo owners must take their clothes to be professionally dry cleaned and pressed to ensure they remain in wearable and presentable condition throughout their lives. For some young men, the running cost of professional garment care might not be the most attractive option, but the costs of dry cleaning have fortunately decreased over the past decade thanks to added competition and a general increase in availability. It might even mean that this consideration isn’t one that necessarily needs be made within the next five years or so.

So your verdict: Buy A Tuxedo! Head to our consultation section and order a tuxedo from GvS Custom Clothiers today!

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband