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The 40’s updating your wardrobe – The suit

Style over the years

January edition – The 40’s


Happy New Year to all our friends and family from GVS. Enter 2016 looking confident and bring some style back from our gentlemen of the past. Moving on with the style edition series we look at the 40’s. Men I want to make it abundantly clear that dressing in a mildly vintage style can b a game-changer. Not every woman has a hankering for a beefy quarterback and this really sets you apart from the crowd, not just to impress the ladies these styles can really make you stand out at interviews and in your everyday life.


In the 1940’s sadly war hit. Wartime clothing influenced men’s fashion design after the war by modifying current uniforms into civilian clothing. Some items you may recognize in the modern day are trench coats, bomber jackets, pea coats, and aviator glasses. You can get a similar custom coat in cashmere at GVS made bespoke to your fitting!

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Men’s suits

During the 40’s suits were actually still an every day wear for men! (no surprise there) although the suits in the 40’s were made of thick wool, or tweed, but during the war using synthetic rayon blended with wool. Colour’s were muted with the black, grey, dark brown, and medium blues. Wide chalk stripes were also hugely favored in the 40’s.

Zoot suits were popular in the 30s however in the 40s they were strongly ascossiated with gangsters. Most men were fighting overseas and the oversized suits went against fabric rations which was seen as unpatriotic. The zoot suits were often pin striped and COLOURFUL! Yellows, greens, bright blues and even purples!


Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.01.34

Men’s sport coats

Sport coats were a newer trend that had rallied popularity in the 30’s. They came in a range of Glenn plaids, herringbone, chevron checks, chalk stripes, and tweeds. Although they were worn with solid colour pants that were DARKER than the sport coat itself.

The sport coats had wide rounded notch lapels, two very large square pockets, and 3button closures. Pockets came in a variety of flap, slit or patch styles. These sport coats are very hard to find in the modern day although can be custom made – GVS is one of the few places that can happily accommodate such requests, why not set yourself apart in 2016 and order a custom sport coat?

Do you have any ideas on how to set your style apart with the 40’s theme? Drop us a comment below, let us know what you think!


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  1. Totsey V. Bass

    I was born in the country, but even then remembering seeing my grandfather’s attire that after working the fields all week, his weekends would consist of suit pants and dress shirts, then Sundays he would step his game up by adding a bowtie and jacket for church, and this would be his attire until bed time.

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