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The 40s – the working man, shirts and trousers

Style over the years

January edition – The 40’s


Following on from the 40’s suits we bring you what follows, ofcourse how did the shirts, and the trousers change?

The suit trousers were usually flat fronted, with single pleats. They were worn at a high waist with a 3 inch waistband. Trouser legs were wide around the ankle which defy todays skinny suits and we’re either straight hemmed or had 2 inch trouser cuffs which are also known as turnups. Wide leg pants are difficult to find today, although due to GVS’ custom bespoke tailoring service this isn’t a stretch by any means.

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The dress shirt was worn with suits or on their own with a pair of suspenders. Usually made from cotton with a large pointed collar. Shirt lengths were short by todays standard and were tucked in. These can be purchased off the rack or directly from GVS at very affordable prices.

Working men that couldn’t afford suits, opted for a collared shirt and work trousers in cotton twill was the way to go. Work trousers had flat fronts with a single crease. A matching trouser and shirt set was common for most lines of work. Work shirts had open soft pointed collars, with 2 patch pockets and pleating at the back. A solid colour tie was worn with the outfit to keep it appropriate for public setting.

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For men that had to get dirty on the job, sturdy cotton canvas coveralls were preffered. They were belted at the waist, had long sleeves and a pointed collar (not that anyone would opt for these in the current day!)

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