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40’s accessorizing with style

Style over the years

January edition – The 40’s


Lets finish the outfit off in the 40’s with some accessories. How would men look to round their outfits off in style?

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One word. SUSPENDERS. Mostly mostly every man wore suspenders in the 40’s as belts were becoming largely unpopular. They were about an inch or so wide and had small metal buckles that were covered in matching leather. The suspenders were often made of tan, brown, or black leather with a western motif. Ofcourse no suit would be complete without a necktie – they were made exclusively of silk, raylon, and wool. They were made of one piece of fabric and worn two inches above the waist. Art deco styles were widely popular in the 40s as tie prints. Animals, plants, flowers, birds, and paintings often featured in these snazzy silk ties. Ties often reflected ones hobbies such as painting, clay shooting or hunting. The crazier the tie, the better you looked!

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.29.03

Some sweaters were worn in the 40’s, these were generally wide or cable ribbed with a wider webbing at the cuffs. They would often be a crewneck or a very small v-neck. For extra winter warmth in your outfit you could wear a warm shawl scarf to match your vest.


Follow on, to our next editorial which will guide you through the shoes in the 40s and the hats. Have we left any accessories you think that may have featured in the 40’s? what would you accessorize with? Let us know in the comments below.

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