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40s how to put together an outfit

Style over the years

January edition – The 40’s


For the final edition of our 40’s themed wardrobe we are going to show you how to put together a complete outfit, only we are keeping it so simple you can do it under 250$ and still look like you’ve gone out of your way to put together this complete 40’s piece.

You can buy one of the 3 hats we previously mentioned on Ebay very cheap, reproductions rarely cost more than 10$.

Moving on to the shirt, get a plain blue or white cotton oxford shirt from GVS HERE for only 79$, this will be tailored to your fit and will fit nice and snug giving you a more defined look too.

The trousers will take a bit, but pay for quality and cry once! For just 129$ at GVS you can get a super 120, meaning it doesn’t wear and tear too quickly and will last just like those in the 40’s you can shop trousers HERE.

Invest in a good pair of suspenders from etsy for just 16$ completing your outfit, shop HERE!

With these items you will be looking like a proper 40’s gent, I hope you own a pair of oxford brouges or wingtips, if not its time to invest in a pair from GVS.

Let us know what you think of this stylist guide in the comments, like, and share, we will see you soon!

Signing off

Akshay Badiani

Personal Stylist and Fashion Blogger

Enquiries at iTrendLondon@gmail.com