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Khaki for all ages and how to fashion it

Khaki is making a comeback in all sense’s of fashion and is, in our opinion, the unsung hero of the colour pallete. It is more of a versatile colour than people think, we recommend pairing khaki with your white shirts, instead of your navy blazer, or even mix it with other greens! There is always the option to go the military chic route. Best of all you can use khaki and experiment with a pair of dress trousers that can be custom made at GVS!

Learn to Work Your Combinations: Okay your stylist hasn’t booked you in yet, but have faith: opposites still work, whilst you build up your lineup in your closet. The rules of proportion state if you wear skinnier pants, you want a loose top half. Tight shirt? Get some roomy dress trousers made in khaki purely bespoke at GVS for your needs.

Tip: Don’t work unkept shirts. They don’t look good. When you iron a button-front shirt, start with the collar, then down to the cuffs, and sleeves. Save the body for the last. Decide tucked in our out at home and never change mid day. This will help you also sport a uniform look all day and you will avoid coming off as shoddy or underkept.

Onto the khaki cream and green look-book, from smart, to smart-casual, to lounge wear; let us know your thoughts in the comments. How do you wear your khakhi why not take a picture and share it with us on our GVS facebook group? 

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The khaki-olive blazer, paired with a pocket square that matches your Ascott, layered with denim.

Stylist favourite – this is a risque move and if you’re feeling bold pair your GVS olive blazer with a denim shirt, we recommend levi’s, to shop this look head over to GVSclothiers.com