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3 ways to layer like a professional

To wear an outfit or pack for an outfit made for all styles and occasions you need to know how to layer up – this way you’re ready for the sun or the rain. These are some ways to dress in your downtime outside of the suit. There are a whole ton of ways to layer up – whether you’re off to Bora Bora or signing a multi-million dollar deal, learn how to steal the show with these 3 layer styles…

1) Prepped-Out

To pull off a preppy yatch club look is to wear contrasting layers. Blues and neutrals for the winter months and a burst of summer colour with pastels and bright colours. Best worn with deck shoes.

2) Rock Band

At times a leather jacket doesn’t quite work, but it doesn’t mean you can’t rock out – check out the spots and stripes, with some ripped jeans to go with your down time look, to go with your favourite chelsea boots.


3) Luxe Layering

The key to wearing tracksuit and still turn heads when you get on the plane is keeping it sleek and greyscale. Well-tailored  tracksuit bottoms with a sporty jacket and t-shirt. Pullover jumper optional. Match this look with your white sneakers from Sandro.