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Linen & Denim

The weather is warming up quite a bit and I no longer fear the need to perform any unexpected layering. Therefore, my fabric options are becoming lighter and airy. One of my favorite options is linen, and luckily enough Uniqlo had linen shirts on sale a couple months ago, while we were still experiencing snow and 10 degree weather


One of my favorite things about linen is its wrinkly texture. Years ago I stayed away from linen because I was such a stickler for having a crisply pressed shirt. However, I have learned to embrace the wrinkles. I think it shows character and adds to the casual look and feel of the outfit.


I wore these suede double monk straps all year round but they will be getting more wears since the weather is getting nicer. I think suede shoes are the ideal option for this time of the year (more on this soon).



Photo Credits : @g2g_afo on Instagram

Michael Snell

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