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Linen Suit

Learn How to Rock a Linen Suit

Linen suits are essential summer wear. They’re light, airy and comfortable – not to mention, they look fantastic. Cream is perhaps the most versatile color when it comes to linens; they can look smart; they can look casual; you can wear a linen suit as one or you can split it up and rock the jacket with a pair of dark jeans and a white tee for that summertime-suave look. The possibilities are endless.
Linen-cotton is particularly nice as the cotton softens the slightly rough texture of the linen, meaning you’ll feel as good as you look when you’re out and about enjoying a nice summertime cookout; or an outdoor wedding; or even a day at the office. Linen has a timeless quality: synonymously harking back to the good old days – the swinging 60s or even the roaring twenties – whilst still being a fashionable and modern choice of attire here in 2017.


Lightly colored linens go nicely with darker shades of shirts, shoes and belts. Why not try a dark denim-blue colored shirt with no tie and a couple of buttons open? Coupled with a pair of dark brown suede loafers, this outfit will appear casual and approachable whilst retaining just the right amount of gentlemanly grace and decorum; a brown – to match the shoes – leather belt will top this look off. Another option is black shoes – maybe even oxford lace-ups – with a black belt if you want to be a tad smarter but beware: blacks and browns do not mix very well.

Body-type & Fit

For linens, you’ll want a pretty snug fit, especially around the shoulders and the waist of the pants. The reason for this is to avoid looking too boxy: go too loose around the shoulders with the jacket and you’ll put yourself at the dangerous of looking like a Miami Vice extra– the shoulder-pad look is a definite no-no!

Light linens look good on most body-types if done correctly. If you’re lucky enough to be tall and slim then the complete suit with the aforementioned fit will look great no matter what. If you’re a little wider around the waist, you might consider a nice fitting open jacket with a dark polo-shirt and a pair of jeans for a more casual look. Having said that, the full linen suit can be worn a little baggier and still look presentable just remember to watch out for creases and maybe avoid buttoning the jacket up if it feels too constricting.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband