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Men's Office Wear

Looking Great While Sitting Down: Office Dressing Tips

The typical nine-to-five shift pattern for a lot of office guys means that their clothes go through quite a bit of abuse on a regular basis. The constant ups and downs throughout the day often lead to disasters when it comes to wrinkles, stains, and filth pick-up from dirty office seating. A change of clothes can always be the best option, but how often is it actually an option? In most instances, it’s rare to be able to get changed at work, so let’s take a look at how it’s still possible to work seated and look great at the same time.


Choose Wrinkle Resistant or Wrinkle Free Clothing

The first step any guy should take when it comes to his office wardrobe is to upgrade his fabrics to, at the very least, wrinkle resistant clothing. These chemically-treated options provide a heightened degree of protection against wrinkles and are particularly important when sitting down and getting up throughout the day, which leads to wrinkles in the first place.


Wrinkle free clothing provides the highest degree of protection against wrinkles throughout the day and almost completely eliminates the need for ironing in the first place, but men often say they have a “rough” or “rigid” feel to them. It’s also not unusual for the chemical treatments in wrinkle free clothes to aggravate allergies in some men. While it’s definitely the way to go in terms of looking great throughout the day, it also comes at a cost. It’s best to trial a few pieces of wrinkle free clothes before upgrading an entire wardrobe to ensure they’ll work for you and your situation.


Choose Invisible Antiperspirant

Something that tends to afflict office men are the dreaded yellow marks that tend to mar white clothes. This is often the direct result of men choosing cheaper, lower quality deodorants and antiperspirants. Investing in a high quality branded invisible deodorant will provide the necessary chemical balance to prevent staining and marking. Men could also choose to opt for a natural solution or even baking soda, but should be prepared to reapply throughout the day as they begin to sweat.


Choose Looser Footwear for Office

Shoes that can be comfortably slipped on and off throughout the day will provide absolute comfort throughout the working day. As an added bonus, the degree of relief on a guy’s face will be communicated throughout the office floor. Choose moisture-resistant socks to help reduce foot odor if you’re planning on going this route.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband