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Buffalo horn Sunglasses are Luxury eye wears handcrafted from multiple layers of genuine Asian water buffalo horn. This horn is a very lightweight material and is naturally anti-allergic. Being light-weight this frame is very comfortable to wear and because of its anti-allergic property, it is very useful for people who have allergies to certain materials.  

Being an expensive material, these buffalo horn sunglasses are sold only at luxury boutiques. These sunglasses are handmade and each frame is unique as it is naturally made without the use of dye or coloring. Only skilled craftsmen can curate the frames from buffalo horns. Then the lenses are adjusted into these frames to create eye wear.

Now let discuss the benefits of Buffalo horn sunglasses

  1. Light Weight: These Frames are lighter than Plastic or metallic frames.
  2. Safe to wear: Because of anti-allergic property of these frames, these frames are very safe to wear especially for the peoples with sensitive skin.
  3. Uniqueness: As each frame is made from a horn so every frame is unique in itself.
  4. Long-lasting: Because of the strength of the horn these frames doesn’t get break easily.
  5. Luxury wear: Buffalo horn sunglasses will give you luxury looks.

If you are looking for luxury eye-wears, you can check the collection of Buffalo horn sunglasses at Msnellbespoke store.

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