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Hand-made, Custom Items are Timeless

The Luxury of Handmade and Custom Items

When we think of custom items, we undoubtedly start to think about the price tags they carry. This is understandable since handmade items indeed command a far higher price than their mass produced, off the rack counterparts. However, there is a hidden luxury in handmade items that simply can’t be reproduced. This alone is enough to drive most men towards acquiring at least a few custom items, but there are other reasons guys should consider handmade clothing:

Injury Prevention

Custom shoes are one of the greatest heights in the luxury handmade market, but their comfort and styling take second place to the fact that they’re medically shown to reduce foot-related injuries. For decades, men have suffered under the impression that “breaking in shoes” will help make them their own. While there is some truth to this, the breaking in process will expose a foot to harsh conditions that might result in injury and will further exacerbate pre-existing conditions along the way. A handmade shoe is different. Because a shoemaker develops a pattern for the wearer rather than just using any old last available to him, a man can ensure his custom fit will be actually designed for his foot and will support him where he needs it most – not where a shoe manufacturer says he needs it.


There’s no secret about it: cheap clothes are exactly that. Off the rack shirts, dress pants, and even full suits aren’t usually designed to last and will require men to go out of their way to take care of them in order to give them any amount of staying power in their wardrobe. This isn’t the case with handmade items. Tailors and shoemakers are given the freedom and flexibility to only use the highest quality materials and sewing techniques, which ultimately creates a far better garment that is able to withstand the test of time. Yes, a handmade item will cost more upfront, but will pay for itself in savings throughout the years over ownership that a custom item tends to provide.


When it comes to accessories, nothing is more important than having a truly one of a kind piece. This is exactly what handmade items provide their wearers. Handmade items aren’t developed from any mass produced pattern, which ensures its wearers are given something that is truly reflecting their own personal sense of style. Nothing else will be like it!

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband