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Good Overcoat

What Makes a Good Overcoat?

When the temperature drops, stylish suit-wearing men will need to reach for something a little warmer to keep themselves protected against the elements. The obvious stylish answer here is to wear an overcoat and a good overcoat should obviously provide this added layer of warmth, but should also be properly fitted and accentuate a man’s features properly. Let’s take a look at what constitutes a good overcoat:

Fabric of a Good Overcoat

As a general rule of thumb, high-quality overcoats will be made of wool and this wool should be quite weighty. It’s estimated that four pounds worth of wool will cover the average man, but men should consider going as high as ten pounds for a top-quality overcoat. Heavier coats tend to go the distance in terms of longevity simply because the fabric is more durable when tightly; heavily packed. Cashmere should be avoided when longevity is the top concern as the material will show age and wear marks very quickly, but can provide an added softness against the coarseness of a wool overcoat and can make it more wearable for longer times. A blended coat is sometimes a great option, but the amount of blending should be left to a tailor and custom-made overcoats should be considered from names such as AA Customer Clothiers.


Traditional overcoats are very long-reaching garments, which is something that still continues on to this day. However, what was once something that nearly draped the floor has now been reduced to around knee-length coats for younger men today. This isn’t to say that the traditional floor length coat has been done away with though. It does mean, though, that men who choose to adopt the longest of overcoats will have a more dated appearance. Some may call this refined.

Sleeve length should also be similarly long and should drape as far as a man’s fingernails. However, this is something that’s very difficult to get right with an off the rack overcoat and tailoring advice will be needed. AA Custom Clothiers is especially well-equipped to provide overcoat services and will ensure the best possible fit.

Fit of a Bespoke Overcoat

Much like a man’s suit, an overcoat should be body-hugging and provide a silhouetting effect when worn. It is therefore highly recommended that men wear their full suit when buying an overcoat to ensure it provides the best possible fit against both the suit and their bodies. Without it, the coat could be very loose and cumbersome to wear.

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Michael Snell

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