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Male Grooming

For a lot of men, grooming is trying to find the fine line between looking like a caveman or Joey Essex. To help strike that balance I have consulted some top grooming experts on how to prepare your skin and hair for a controlled yet natural look; the trick isn’t to spend thousands on products, but, rather to develop a simplistic yet extensive daily routine that is (most importantly) about maintenance, ensuring you don’t let yourself down with 2days worth of unshaved stubble.

Start with the obvious, become a regular at your barbers. I would recommend to get a hair cut every 2-3 weeks, or if you’re growing it every 4-5 weeks depending on your styling, consult your barber if you’re unsure on how often to get your hair cut.

To maintain my hair during wash and after I use Rahua shampoo and conditioner sourced symbiotically from the rainforest, (symbiotic products in a nutshell are grown deep in the forest without any chemicals or farming methods, and are eco friendly).

Hair products on the other hand have only gotten more confusing as time has gone on, so make sure you’re clued up on what each product is for. For instance thicker hair and messy styles can handle waxes and pastes, but if your hair is thinner, lighter products and sprays will be better suited.

For my body I continue to stick with use Rahua’s body lotion as well as the body oil; I’m going to let you guys into a secret, my family suffers from really bad dry skin, – using body mist and the lotion leaves my skin hydrated it also gives it a nice scent and conditions it leaving it smooth.

Shaving is a large portion of my grooming, if I have 3am stubble it frustrates me to the point sleep isn’t an option. Having a job as well as running the blog it’s hard to find the time to maintain and groom myself, but when I do I don’t compromise on quality. Here is what I use;

Ivory Turner shaving set

Travel shave set

AFTERSHAVE! This is in my opinion the MOST overlooked aspect of a modern male grooming. If you don’t smell good, no one, let alone women are going to want to be around you. I have a couple of different scents of 2015 depending on what occasion I’m dressing for;


Black orchid – What is it about this fragrance? I feel like I found this too late, by the time I started using it, half the world was wearing it. I never wanted to try it as it sounded so loud and disagreeable. This fragrance is absolutely beautiful and has the strangest combination of silky flowers and dark chocolate, unusual but undeniably silkily sensuous; don’t be afraid to jump on the Black Orchid bangwagon.


Ormonde Man Eau de Parfum – This is my “go-to” scent if I have any type of special event such as a date or press event. At first the blend of Juniper berry and evergreen gives it a similar citrus crispness. It has a very luxurious smell, almost intoxicating.

Zizan – this is by far my most prominent scent and will only be brought out for a black tie event! This aftershave has everything a man could want in a single scent; the website describes it as a “powerhouse” perfume. You can smell an animated citrus, and a bergamot orange with a biting edge.


Odin 2 – This is the best for spring and summer daytime, it reminds me of an authentic orange smell, more of a mandarin type. It is very sweet and invigorating the only problem is that it doesn’t last long! It smells AMAZING out of the bottle but the longevity isn’t as long as Ormonde’s Zizan, which is a shame, I feel like this would be a bad boy of aftershaves if only it lasted a while longer.

Odin 7– As we are heading towards the fall or winter, I would definitely recommend Odin 7 for the latter parts of the year. It’s a very piney fragrance, almost heavy perfect for those cold frosty nights. It’s a scent I’ve repeatedly been complimented on, another one id save for a special night.

When I travel; I use Murdock’s travel bag but with mixed products from Aesop and Murdock; A combination of the Murdock Skincare travel set and the

Aesop travel essentials (London) allow me to easily take care of my conditioning and maintenance needs as well as tone up and adapt to wherever I travel to. Don’t compromise on your grooming, feel free to add your views below and suggest new brands I should look into for 2016.

Any comments or suggestions for our grooming guide 2015/16 just comment below! Be sure to read the full article at AandAestablished.com, don’t forget to like and share.

Have a good day gents.