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Up Your Grooming Game this Winter

Master Your Grooming Habit

The winter doesn’t do a man’s skin any favors. The naturally drier, harsher conditions of the season means the cooler months are filled with red skin, cracked lips, and a host of blemishes that needn’t really be there in the first place. Fortunately, today’s market has made it a lot easier for men to keep themselves looking their best throughout the winter and indeed year round. Here is what they need to up their grooming game:

Sun Protection

The jury isn’t out on this one and there’s been a very fixed theory for the past decade: using various layers of sun protection ensures a man’s skin avoids premature ageing and cell destruction. Even when the weather is cloudy and not particularly bright during December and January, men can reduce their visible signs of ageing by almost 25% by choosing to opt for sun screen and a cap.

There are quite a few moisturizers on the market that include sun block with a SPF rating of 15. While these are adequate, they do require men to reapply them during the day, which isn’t always on option. The issue is further exacerbated when men who work in physically demanding roles sweat and lose that layer of coverage in a matter of minutes. This is why men should find a SPF rating of at least 30 for best grooming results. Furthermore, products made with Retinol will improve cellular regeneration and help fight ageing before it starts.


A well-established diet can help improve skin condition and it doesn’t even require much by the way of drastic adjustments. Of course, much can be said for the various diet trends and how effective their results can be, but one of the easiest ways a man can improve the condition of his skin is by reducing salt intake. Salt is naturally dehydrating and will flush water from facial cells very quickly and hinder your grooming efforts, which results in that puffy appearance that’s associated with sleeplessness. Reducing it where possible is one of the simplest ways men can make themselves look better and quickly.

Hair Products

Hair loss accompanies skin ageing, which can also be reduced by using the right products as early as possible. Making a simple change to a volumizing shampoo can help give the appearance of fullness, but men who are experiencing critical hair loss are likely to do better choosing a strengthening formula that will help prevent excess loss during the harsher winter climate. Your grooming effort should be paired with a matching or compatible thickening conditioner to close the hair follicle and protect it against the elements.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband