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You may think you’re women’s gift from god, with your sharp wit and your impeccable humour sense being enough to ride out a good first impression, but the truth is you’ve already been critiqued for your style before you even open your mouth. Whilst what constitutes good dress sense is subjective, there are some rule of thumb’s that you just shouldn’t sport.

The GOOD NEWS is these horrible mistakes are quite easy to avoid. This article will help you out with why heavy gold chains and un-fitted suits wont help you woo a lady anytime soon.

1) BLACK SHIRTS – This is often the ‘night out’ pick for men with a un-imaginative colour palette and a lack of imagination – they discolour quickly and frankly just make you look a little try hard.

2) THE ‘BLING’ – There is a big difference between subtle accessorization and trying to look like a rapper. With jewellery, less is always more.

3) SHORT SLEEVED SHIRTS – Whilst there are a few men that can rock short-sleeved shirt, it is invariably a huge turn off. mainly because you look like a young teenage boy being dressed by your mother. We get it’s summer, and it’s hot, but nothing than some deodorant cant fix.

4) FLIP FLOPS – When thinking about wearing flip flops think, are you on holiday, and is there anyone you may want to associate in the future around? There aren’t many occasions where rocking flip flops works.

5) V-NECKS – There isn’t a single body type that excuses wearing a V-neck t-shirt, women would rather leave your body to their imagination than be met by it at the supermarket whilst your chest hairs are barely contained.

6) COLOURED TROUSERS – Whilst these are renowned to be wardrobe essentials for many fashion editors and stylists, nothing quite shouts ‘sell the NHS’ like bold coloured chinos.

3) SHORT SLEEVED SHIRTS4) FLIP FLOPS6) Coloured ChinosRIVIERA BEACH, FL - MARCH 29: Rick Ross attends The 2008 BET Spring Bling March 29, 2008 Riviera Beach, FL (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)5) V-NECKS