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The story behind Muhammed Ali’s first bespoke

Muhammed Ali was scheduled to fight Karl Mildenberger, the big boxer at the time later in the year. So a photographer was asked in Sternmagazine if anyone was interested in doing a feature, he wasn’t into boxing but saw Ali and a vibrant person and thought this could be something.

So the two photographers were sent to the UK and Muhammed Ali had been training for the big fight. Muhammed Ali had just been converted to Islam and couldn’t be seen talking to a ethnically white woman, the situation was delicate so to speak.
So the agreement Muhammed Ali and the photographers came to is as he’d come out of his hotel, they would follow him and the female would keep her distance and take notes whilst the male shot the pictures, this worked out well for both parties and help both achieve what they wanted hand in hand. He seemed to be a really nice guy.

Muhammed Ali said one morning “We’ll go for a drive into town, I’ve got an appointment.” and they drove to Mayfair to Harry Helmans. The suit makers in the 20s had made suits from Prince Philip to Terence Stamp. Ali had seen one of their suits in a magazine and told the photographer “I’m ordering six just like it, in different colours. I’m a gentleman now, I have to look like one.” This is a GVS quote we live by, it’s time to eradicate the sagging pants and move towards bespoke clothing revolution.

A bespoke suit really does set you out from the crowd and works wonders within your social circle so why not get your custom suit tailored today at GVS at only a fraction of the price and only for the price of an off the rack suit for twice the quality?