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Increase your network and your networth through GVS

GVS is always looking at ways to expand our network and family – and ways to help everyone in the ways that we can. We will be taking you through a few ways you can benefit by helping us, we are looking to expand our customer base and that requires our faithful friends and family spreading the word about the quality of our bespoke line. We believe the quality that we provide for our prices are so brilliant we even offer a full refund if there is a fault on our part.

There are 3 ways we can help you in our schemes outside of the GVS academy, and these methods would help us directly build the GVS brand and offer you better discounts in the long run.



The referral program offers a 10$ store credit for every person that you refer that makes a purchase of any kind. You can use this store credit on your next purchase or in the future, however you may choose to implement the use of your bonus. The more you spread the word the more credit you will be credited.


We are always on the lookout for new consultants for the GVS brand – if you believe you can bring value to the team and have a large network of gents that would be able to suit the GVS look. You can apply for the position of a consultant, message the CEO and brand leader Dr. Michael D. Snell. Consultants receive a 20% commission on each total sale, after taxes. 


We enable other brands/companies to link their products on our website, if you know any brands that would complement the GVS brand well, feel free to inquire about a collaboration. 

HELP US HELP YOU. We offer our network and family incredible opportunities that no other brand does to this level, join us and help us increase your net-worth, by increasing your network. 

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