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Off the Rack is a Soaring Industry

Off The Rack Advantages and Disadvantages

As the season changes, it’s not unusual for men to find their local department stores or clothiers offering last season’s clothes on clearance. Some great bargains can be found, but buying clothes off the rack does have its explicit advantages and disadvantages.


One of the biggest driving forces behind men choosing clothes off the rack is that they’re far cheaper than bespoke tailored options. While this can be a great way to fill out a new wardrobe, men have to be sure of the fit and style of a garment before they choose an off the rack option. It is usually unwise to buy off the rack clothing on the Internet because there is no way to be sure of the fit and men could end up with something that just loosely drapes off of them as opposed to something that is contoured and fits well. Choosing a tailored option eliminates this costly mistake altogether by providing a far superior fit and comfort. Of course, this level of expertise will understandably come at a cost.


Bespoke tailoring is more costly for a reason: men have a near infinite amount of options when it comes to customizing their garments. With an off the rack garment, a man is stuck with whatever happens to be on the rack at the time. While this could be suitable for buying general fashion pieces that always remain in style, such as a generic grey or navy suit, men would do themselves a favour by choosing a bespoke option to add their own personal touches on a garment and make something that’s truly their own.

Quality Control

Off the rack clothing tends to be batch processed and manufactured according to a generic pattern. While it gives a decent enough fit for the majority of people, the fashion conscious are aware that it’s not truly a high quality item. The look and feel of a bespoke tailored garment is immediately noticeable, as a working tailor has the freedom and time to instill his craftsmanship into the garment. The same can’t be said for off the rack clothes, which are usually rushed to meet large orders and don’t always require the most talented of tailors and machinists. Using a bespoke tailor generally ensures that all final garments will be of the highest quality and made to a man’s very precise standards.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband