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blazer with jeans

Pairing a Blazer with Jeans

One of the biggest fashion taboos of the mid-century was pairing a blazer with jeans or formal suit jacket with denim. Fortunately, the rules for this sort of combination have relaxed and jeans have become the go-to leg option when it comes to wearing a blazer casually or to more casual occasions. Unfortunately, the rules for this have become a bit muddied up in the process. Let’s take a look at how to pull off the blazer with jeans with success.



One of the simplest combinations to pair a navy blazer with a pair of indigo jeans. This timeless combination is undoubtedly one of the most widely accepted pairings and will ensure a seamless transition into any dressier casual occasion. However, not all navy blazers are equal. It’s important to choose an equally casual jacket that will pair appropriately with jeans. Formality isn’t welcome here and will quickly create a fashion clash that’s quite obvious even to the most casual of onlookers.

Firstly, now isn’t the time to go experimenting with orphaned suit jackets, double-breasted blazers, or any hint of business dress. Remember, the key is casual. This means the jacket needs to be soft to the touch, close fitting, made of a very simple poly/wool blend, and have an equally casual button presentation. Generally, the rule is to stick to two buttons on the jacket, but three-button combinations might be particularly flattering for slimmer men at the cost of being slightly dressier, which will require men to choose even dressier jeans.


Dressier Jeans

The whole concept of “dressy jeans” is a foreign one to many, but it all comes down to simplicity. Much like the blazer, the paired jeans have to reflect the idea of simplicity that was originally woven into the jacket. One of the easiest and simplest designs is to adhere to a very “basic” denim jean. This means it’s going to be closely fitting, not have any cargo pockets, and needs to avoid any fashion statements like colorful stitching. Similarly, it’s usually best to avoid jeans with obvious branding or logos throughout the leg, since these will usually detract from the dressier nature of the blazer.


Color Contrast

It’s always best to avoid blazer with jeans that are identical in color. As a general rule of thumb, it’s always best to have jeans that are a touch darker than the jacket itself, since the focal point is indeed the blazer.

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