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Fitting of your shirts could make or mare your personality. Wearing a right fit dress shirt will help boost your confidence whether your body is lean or healthy. An experienced tailor understands the right fitting for you but you should also know this.

Today we will let you know about perfect fitting of your shirt.

You can buy a ready-made shirt or can get a shirt stitched by a tailor. If you are looking for perfect fit shirt the second option will best suit you as the ready-made shirt are made on standard size pattern which may or may not suit your body structure.

So, I will suggest you to get your shirt stitched from tailor or if you are going to buy ready-made shirt make sure to check the three key areas fits you – Neck, Shoulder and Chest. These three areas should fit you, the rest could be managed to make fit for you.

Check the different areas for perfect fit shirt

The fitting will vary as per your body structure.

  1. Neck: The Neck of your shirt is perfect fit if you can place two figure(index and middle). If you feel comfortable it is fit, if there is space for third figure- neck is loose.
  2. Shoulder: The shoulder seam should rest at the edge of your shoulder.
  3. Chest: The width of shirt should fit as per the width of chest. The shape of shirt matters on the width from the chest. The fitting of shirt from underarms also depend on the chest.
    A loose or too tight chest will make you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Arm Length: The cuffs of your arms should rest over the wrist and end by your thumb dimple.
  5. Under Arms Area: The underarm area should be tight but should be comfortable in stretching your arm both sideways and front side.
  6. Shirt Length: The perfect length of shirt is one that ends a few inches below the belt-line. The shirt should not uncover your belly on raising your arms.
  7. Width: Where the shirt should be perfect fit from chest area, it should be fit from stomach area. The buttons should not pull each other for space as it looks very weird, especially on the fatty persons.

These are the points you should check before buying a ready-made shirt and if you are getting your shirt stitched by a tailor. They will give you perfect fitting by analyzing all these points.

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