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The Fitting of your Trouser plays very important role in building up your personality. The un-structured trouser could make your suit unpleasant.

Though Men have different taste for structure of their trouser but here we will discuss about the perfect fit trouser. A perfect fit trouser will give you the best dressing experience.

Here we can only discuss with you a perfect fitting of trouser but to get this, you need to visit tailoring store because you will not get this fitting in ready to wear trousers.

Check out the following points for perfect fit of your trousers:

  1. Waistband: Trouser is perfect fit on your waist if you don’t need belt to hold it up. The waistband should sit between the high hip bone and navel. If you like to wear trouser higher, you must consider pleated trouser to accommodate the hips.
  2. Seat: The seat of your trouser should lightly hug your butt and should not be saggy or super tight. The pockets should be considered as the fabric used in pockets will affect the structure of seat.
  3. Crotch: The Crotch of your trouser should fall smoothly. Measure the length from waistband to crotch and it should not be loose or tight.
  4. Trouser Length: The length of trouser should be measured sideways from waistband to ankle. The perfect length of trouser is one that has a slight(Quarter) pant breaks.

The structure of your trouser may vary as per the shape of your body. The Bespoke tailor understand the fitting which suits you the best.

So get your suit tailored by the best tailor and achieve the best results.

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