Pocket Square/Round and Ascots As Men Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories helps in enhancing our personality. There are a lot of accessories which help in upgrading our fashion.

The two of them are Pocket square/rounds and Ascots, both these accessories help in adding fun to our suit, tuxedos, and blazer.

Pocket Square/Round

Pocket Square/Round is placed in the pocket which helps in uplifting your personality.

The difference between the two is their shape, the pocket square is square in shape and the pocket round is available in round shape. Round Square is the customized form of the pocket square, designed by giving the round or some other less structured shape to a piece of cloth.

The next accessory is Ascot

Ascot, ascot-tie or hanker-tie is worn around the neck as replacement of Tie and Bow Tie. It is a wide piece of cloth, patterned folded and fastened with a tie pin or a tie clip.

Both these accessories – Pocket Square/Round and ascots are teamed best if you get these made from silk fabric. You will get different colors and designs available in both these accessories.

So show up your style and wear the best piece. Check the collection of Pocket Square/round and ascots at Msnellbespoke store, where you will get a huge variety in these and many other types of fashion accessories.

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