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Rebuilding Your Wardrobe at Michael Snell Bespoke

Michael Snell Bespoke

Michael Snell Bespoke

Successful men around the world are choosing to rebuild their wardrobe from scratch. While the prospect of it might induce some panic, there really isn’t any need to start fretting. It will require some investment in the beginning, but the end result is something that will truly match a man’s sense of style and fit him perfectly. There’s no reason to be dressed piggishly anymore! Learn how you can take your attire to the next level without breaking the bank with Michael Snell Bespoke.

Start with the Basics

One of the biggest reasons that men simply don’t just trash their existing wardrobes and start from the beginning is because their budgets won’t allow for it. We wouldn’t recommend this either, since a few stylish and iconic pieces of your wardrobe do deserve to still be there – especially if they fit your body properly. Unless some sudden disaster forces you to change your wardrobe overnight, then it is usually best just to start with the basics and move on from there. Depending on a man’s career and lifestyle, how many of these basics he’ll need will vary slightly across the board, but the most important piece to focus on is the one that will offer the most versatility along the way.


When a suit fits into a man’s lifestyle and career option, then it is essential that he gets this right from the start. A solid three-piece suit offers enough versatility to be worn together or separately depending on when an occasion calls for dressing up or dressing down. When rebuilding a wardrobe, it is usually best to stick with a conservative office colour such as navy or charcoal as these will offer exceptional blending properties to other fashion pieces that will be in a wardrobe. Bespoke tailoring should be considered to ensure a proper fit as there is nothing worse than a baggy, floppy suit that just doesn’t fit a man.


At least one collared shirt should also be a staple in a man’s wardrobe. It should be solid white and be fitted properly using a tailor in order to ensure it accentuates his shape rather than drapes over it. This can be neglected if it doesn’t fit into his particular career option, but it should form a key component along with his suit to be drawn on for dressy occasions when needed.


Men have been under the impression that anything from the store in their size will fit their feet properly. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is always best to employ a shoemaker when rebuilding a wardrobe, as one properly fitted pair of shoes can withstand years of regular use and proper care. If a man’s career option involves work boots, then it is essential to employ a shoemaker to ensure the right level of support is provided and promote better foot and lower leg health.

At Michael Snell Bespoke, you will not only get the bespoke tailoring that will boost your appearance multiple times, you’ll also get a knowledgeable consultation and we’ll work diligently with you to make sure you are in your best game suit!

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