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The Seersucker – DO’s and DONT’s?

The Seersuckers is known as the ‘official’ fabric to keep men cool in the hot sweltering summer! We have designed an editorial to show you how to properly adorn you with the rippled stripes without looking like Colonel Sanders! You need to know when to wear one, for some a seersucker is casual but DON’T be a casual fascist. I always aim to overdress than underdress, it looks like i have a better event to attend.

The five most shocking seersucker mistakes?

At GVS as designers we wouldn’t talk down on anything, but its tough. Although number 1, obviously, the biggest one is the fit. Seersucker is a vertical stripe, it has volume and it isn’t a very drapey fabric. So it doesnt work if it isn’t fitted to your true size, it can look pretty terrible. If you’re going wear any suit make sure it’s tailored!

Are there any rules for tailoring a seersucker right? We know a GVS suit comes in a great fit but do you find yourself taking it to a tailor? Are there any rules for a seersucker that wouldn’t apply to a normal suit?

Well anything that’s striped elongates your torso. It can work or it can look too long. You don’t want to over exaggerate the length, so make sure your sleeves are the proper height. When it comes to the hem, as its the summer, we wouldn’t have a break in the pants, and definitely have them ankle high.

How do you take care of seersucker?

Seersuckers are a very sturdy fabric, it was created for workwear to begin with. It takes good care of itself, in terms of the suit avoid washing, take it to a dry cleaner to clean. Another tip is never ever wear a seersucker with a seersucker tie – it should be an obvious rule but trust me, I’ve seen it, and it’s not a good look.

What tie would you wear with it?

Personally, I like to wear my seersucker suits with a t-shirt, it sort of makes them a little bit less traditional and more fun. But if I was dressed up I’d wear a really nice white shirt and I would pick a non-traditional tie, something that’s got a texture to it that isn’t seersucker, maybe even a great linen tie.

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Signing off

Akshay Badiani

Personal Stylist and Fashion Blogger

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