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Shearling the coat to put you in the spotlight

Shearling (sheepskin) once fabric that was extremely cheap is now moving to dramatically upscale brands, jackets, colours and cuts. All the style infunencers are flocking to buy one! They used to just feature in the lining of coats to keep one warm, although they’re rapidly elevating into the lapels and the cuffs of many jackets. Perfect looks to go smart casual on a 3piece suit that you could order with GVS. (GVS TIP – Go for sheepskin lapels to set you aside from the crowd, especially for a special event!).

Shearling is beautiful and heavy – perfect for the winter months although it’s moving into a summer trend too perfect for the evenings. For too long this material has been stuck into a lifeless tan that was associated only with country fashion. It was often the favourite fashion item from western countries like Texas and Alabama. Although it’s become increasingly westernised seen in many outfits in the recent MET GALA.

Now top designers are using the material for jackets, making them in every colour and styles: hooded. cropped, biker, bomber, and more. Take a lesson from Jason Clarke, actor from Everest, and opt for an updated look this spring. We also reccomend getting a fully covered jacket with the material – it may look like a jacket turned inside out but you will look like a style god breaking the fashion rules and you will definitely be the conversation topic for the night. You could also try adorning shearling and really breaking the fashion rules by trying some shearling trousers.

The look has been recently trending, but set yourself apart and evolve into the era of “nu-shearling” (GVS TIP – This is an idea to wear a full suit, but with a shearling jacket giving you a definitive smart casual look). Here is a quick look book to try out some shearling ideas.


Signing off

Akshay Badiani

Personal Stylist and Fashion Blogger

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