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To complete the series and final piece of this series we look at the final investment item, THE SHIRT. If you haven’t caught our other editorials simply click the link below to re-direct you to the other articles of how to invest in yourself

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Investing in a shirt whether you need it for a casual party or for a Monday morning at the office its one of the most versatile staples of your wardrobe. So how do you buy? How do you know what shirt will suit you? Lastly how can you really get value for your money in the long run?

We begin with the difference between high and low quality? You will usually find that low quality are usually chasing the trends and wont last. FIRST invest in a classic white shirt. GVS provides a bespoke tailoring service so that you can really get your shirts in the size and fit that you feel comfortable with. A stylist could put you in a good shirt but if you aren’t feeling comfortable with confidence to pull this shirt off, then you may as well bin it. Get yourself a rack of bespokes, 5 white ATLEAST, baby blue, blue, and pink to start off with and build from there, GVS TIP – invest in quality and get them bespoke and built to last!


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Here is a quick guide to the kind of collar you may want to use.



What makes a good investment shirt – the quality, the superior yarns such as those at GVS, are grown in their own ‘micro climate’ actually improve over time and with washes they improve in quality. Spend for quality and it will work out better in cost per wear, making this a worthwhile investment in the long run. Prince Charles actually get’s his shirts serviced rather than buying new ones, because the cotton is worn in and this means it will only improve with time.

How are they made?

We checked out the GVS factory. Shirts are made by seamstresses and the man-hours and training that goes into every shirt is incredible.

  • Fabric is sourced
  • It will go through pattern cutters, shirt pressers, fabric cutters, it will take around 40mins – 4days
  • Each seamstress should have a specialist skill
  • Sleeves are tricky, collars are an art
  • Most great shirt makers boast that the button will come off before it breaks!

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Why are great quality shirt worth the investment?

THEY LAST. They last because they have been well made. Also the quality of the cotton and yarn, you’re paying for what it is. The skill levels it takes to make a shirt is ridiculous.

  • Consider shrinkage
  • Go 100% cotton, if you want to invest go for Egyptian cotton.
  • Stick with white and pale blues and then go for patterns.