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Skinny Tie Can Still Land You on GQ Cover

Why The Skinny Tie is Still In

Over the past few years, the skinny tie fell to to the perils of fashion and has gradually become a faux pas in today’s fashion scene for the most part. While this is generally true of the skinny tie being used as a widespread fashion accessory just about everywhere, it doesn’t mean that the skinny tie has met its maker and won’t ever be coming back. In fact, acceptable wear of the skinny tie never really went anywhere in the first place. It is all down to a man’s own image, his clothing, and his physique.

Size of Skinny Tie

The old adage rings true for neck ties: size matters. It is all down to a man’s own physical proportions that will determine whether or not a skinny tie is appropriate and the key hint is in the garment’s name. The skinny ties are fashion faux pas when it comes to well-built, stocky men, but those who are on the leaner side of average will find a skinny tie accents their build properly. Those who are larger than average will want to reach for a tie of average width in order to have the proper fit against their bodies as skinny ties look far too out of place when compared to a smaller frame wearing the very same tie.


Similarly, a dress shirt’s lapels will determine whether or not a skinny tie is appropriate. Those with smaller necklines and measurements, as is more common on skinnier men, will find that a half Windsor knot will fit the notch far better than when used with wider lapels where the outermost areas of the knot are exposed to onlookers. It goes without saying that the schoolboy knot is usually inappropriate for skinny ties wear nowadays (although this was all the rage a few years ago).


How a man perceives his own body will largely govern whether or not a skinny tie is appropriate for him. This mostly applies to those who are in the fringe between skinny and average, but can also apply to men who hold their weight below the waist rather than on their torso. Should a larger man want to wear a skinny tie, then it would be best to pair it with the tightest lapels possible in order to create the impression of a larger tie. Without it, it will give an obvious “skinny” impression that looks out of place.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband