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How to be the best dressed man in your social circle

1) Use a stylist to climb the social ladder and make sure you’re perfectly dressed at all times


Stylists exist for a reason – If you’ve every found yourself admiring the cut on David Gandy’s suit or Eddie Redmayne’s wingtips they all have a stylist behind their outfits. Stylists can shop for you as well as lace your wardrobe with current and classic trends, they are a timeless investment and they do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. This will also set you aside from your social peers as most men don’t know how to dress and keep up with trends, and others don’t have the time to; so stylsits do it for you.

2) Use a professional wardrobe service to climb your social circle


Are you constantly losing outfits over travel and holiday homes? A good wardrobe service should photograph your whole wardrobe so it’s never more than a click away, literally. Selected items can be packed and shipped to wherever you are – overnight. This is great if you’re constantly travelling or between homes. Imagine travelling without the burden of a luggage! Its the perfect service for a High Net-worth individual

3) Find yourself a signature scent


A fragrance should be the most important and well maintained part of your signature style. It is an expression of your personality. High range bespoke services such as Glassers have a hefty starting price at £15,000 although a good stylist should know his way around a few prominent scents, and we aren’t referring to overdone and overused scents such as Tom Ford or Gucci. Keep your chosen signature scent with you at all times and topped up. As a personal stylist I tell my clients to purchase small bottle to fit into suit pockets – clients claim to feel half dressed without them. Fragrance should represent your style and character – keep an eye out for the scent editorial to follow…

For any questions or for information about hiring a personal stylist & updating your wardrobe with GVS – get in touch with us and GVS’ in-house stylist at itrendlondon@gmail.com

Signing off

Akshay Badiani

Personal Stylist and Fashion Blogger

Enquiries at iTrendLondon@gmail.com