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Stylish Work Wear

Staying Comfortable and Stylish on the Job

Something that doesn’t tend to come to mind when it comes to working in blue collar positions is remaining stylish, but there is a growing market for fashionable and stylish work wear as an increasing amount of white collar employees are making moves towards other sectors in search for more favorable employment opportunities. Fortunately, there’s quite a bit on offer nowadays when it comes to meeting these requirements.

Basketball Shoes

While most employers won’t allow workers to walk onto a job site wearing casual basketball shoes, there’s a growing number of manufacturers who offer this sort of style in a safety shoe. Capturing the iconic styling of a canvas shoe and applying it to more rugged work conditions, it’s definitely possible to become more fashionable on the job simply by making a change from standard work wear issue shoes to these. Your feet will likely thank you for the opportunity to get out of the typically poorly-made generic steel toe boots, too.

Tall Boots

There’s been a large influx of military-style parade boots entering the work wear market as of late. These provide superior protection over basketball shoes since they are often calf-height, but are known to be somewhat rigid and inflexible by comparison to basketball shoes. Those who suffer with daily foot pain in work boots may want to consider lighter, shorter shoes before trying taller boots.


Unfortunately, as with a lot of pioneering designs and technologies, comfort can sometimes take a back seat. While this is quickly becoming out of the norm for stylish work boots, those who have purchased older models or original releases may find that they’re not able to stand on their feet for extended periods of time. This is quite common from work boots, which usually aren’t well-known for providing a lot of cushion as their primary focus is making sure the wearer stays protected against the hazards and elements of job sites.

This situation can be corrected by wearing insoles. Many will need to be cut to size in order to conform to the steel toe, but those who are buying new boots from the ground up may find that going for an extra wide fit will provide a better finish when inserting an insole.

Typical gel insoles are usually suitable for work wear, but perspiration can become an issue. It is usually best to wear a foot antiperspirant and combining this with thick, durable work or hiking socks to help reduce foot moisture and discomfort.

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