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Casual Winter

Staying Warm This Winter

As the temperatures are about to take a turn towards the colder mark, it’s now time to start thinking about our winter wardrobes. While a good three-piece suit offers more than adequate warmth and versatility to dress up and down around the office, it doesn’t solve the issue of staying warm in a more casual environment.


One of the most effective ways to stay warm this winter is to simply add an additional layer or two when exposed to cooler conditions. There are suitable garments for this, such as combining a knit V-neck sweater with an Oxford collar shirt, which creates a timeless sophisticated look that is suitable for more casual conditions as well as very relaxed business environments. It can be dressed up using a necktie when required for formal office functions, too.

It’s also generally seen as acceptable to layer two garments of a similar nature, such as two cotton crew neck long sleeves. However, there are subtle rules to this pairing that include only pairing two tops of a similar weight and thickness. The reason men end up looking lumpy and disorganized when layering two tops is because the underlying cotton is heavier than what’s on top and the combination becomes incompatible. It is usually best to avoid this sort of pairing altogether and substituting a heavyweight sweater or hooded sweatshirt usually makes a far better alternative than two cotton underlayers paired together.


Made from a purpose-bred goat’s undercoat, cashmere creates one of the softest and most luxurious garments available today. A cashmere sweater is usually the default option when it comes to casual winter wear as it is readily available in a host of different colours and cuts to suit men of different proportions. Cashmere options are occasionally available in budget blends, but a true 100% cashmere item will usually come accompanied by a hefty price tag. This is due to how rare the specialist coats are and the general cost of production involved.

Because it is an expensive item, it is not unusual to find counterfeit items marked as cashmere, but are actually made of a similar down. It will provide comparable levels of warmth in the winter, but lacks the softness that true cashmere provides against the skin. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to spot fake cashmere: just run your hand over the garment. If the garment ends up in several little balls, then it isn’t true cashmere.

Michael Snell

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    Good info on the cashmere..thx for sharing.