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Grey Suit

The Only Suit You’ll Need

Fashionable men are usually at a crossroads when it comes to their wardrobe. On one hand, they want truly appealing and unique items that flatter their physiques perfectly. However, men are also presented with a storage issue and it’s with great misfortune that few guys are able to house a large collection of clothes. This is where versatility plays a key factor in a man’s fashion sense and many men are looking for simplified solutions to meet today’s fashion needs.

The three-piece suit is one of these simplifications and men are currently on the lookout for something that will be seen as appropriate just about anywhere. It’s fortunate to note that the fashion conscious have come to a conclusion that it’s indeed possible for men to only have one suit in their wardrobe and it’s the modern and very trendy grey suit.


This suit has the potential to be dressed up and down according to the event where men find themselves. Whether they’re in the office; at an interview; or at a wedding or a funeral, the grey suit can be seen as both appropriate for the venue and quite fashionable at the same time. Of course there are certain rules for bringing a grey suit into different events, such as only pairing a grey suit with black shoes and a black tie for a funeral, but for the most part men can simply wear their grey suit and forget about where they’re going to find themselves. They can do this in the safety and security that they’re going to be appropriately dressed for the occasion, too.


A man’s shoe design and color play critical roles in the versatility of a grey suit. A black shoe/grey suit combo is undoubtedly the most versatile combination, but browns can safely enter the equation if men are careful about their color choice and venues. As a general rule, lighter browns will be most appropriate for more casual affairs and are usually the go-to shoe option for spring and summertime affairs.

Choosing Your Suit

The MS Bespoke Style 8 provides a modern take on today’s grey suit. With slightly cooler tones than warmer off the rack options, it is particularly suitable for those who don’t feel they look all that sharp in grey due to their skin tone. When paired with a cool Oxford shirt and complimentary blue tie, this is the only grey suit men will ever need in their wardrobe and will provide them with a lifetime of trendy comfort.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband