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The “summershoe” you need to get you through

Dressing for the summer not only requires a good dress sense but footwear must match your clothing. If you want to push the boat out, the go-to sandals are fine but its time to ditch the flip-flops. Flipflops rarely work for anyone and normally don’t look that great so get rid of them and invest in these ideas for your new “summershoe”s.

The first pair to invest in are a good pair of leather loafers with a light sole you can get a good bespoke pair at GVS which are quality and will last you years to come whilst being light and working for YOUR needs – this works well with smarter outfits and is your bread and butter and everyday summershoe.

The second is a good tennis shoe that GVS would recommend in white, this is perfect for off-duty relaxing and can even work well with shorts and trousers, it even suits your t-t-shirt and shorts combo. Leave your flipflops at the door or even bin them, they are not needed.

For the cherry on the cake get yourself some light lace up brogues bespoke at GVS, these are shoes that will last you the coming 5-10 years and will be your investment summer shoe. Why not GVS. This also works as your evening shoe and will work well to sport when it gets a little colder.