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How to be “SummerSmart” and dress up

We aren’t the best equipped to deal with the summer fashion, least to say we aren’t exactly SummerSmart. Most of us are incredible at dressing for the cold season, aka Mr. Winter. We are incredible in dressing and buying coats, jumpers, and big boots, although naturally when it comes to dressing for warmer seasons we tend to get a little confused and all we do is lose our ties and unbutton shirts. Although there is still much to explore, so let GVS help you with the journey. Here is how to be more SummerSmart and prepare for this summer.

Here is a GVS rundown on how to how to fix your summer woes. A quick guide on how to work your problems and fix your questions.

1 | Chose the right fabrics

One of the biggest mistakes is overlapping fabrics with winter and summer, and this means we’re turning up to the office in a big sweaty mess – this is why GVS allows you to buy breathable fabrics, seersuckers and fine cotton for the summer months. This means you avoid sweating and looking like a hot mess, and turn style into fashion.

2 | Get a good deodorant

Try invest in a good scent. You can look well but if you don’t smell good you probably lose your ranking all together. This is something you can likely get away with in the winter but probably not the summer months. Invest in a signature aftershave and good deodrant.

3 | Get a quality haircut, and maintain it.

Heads that are full of hair is known to be a summer grooming NIGHTMARE. Constant sweat and oily hair will definitely affect you and therefore try relish movement of air with a shorter hairstyle.

4 | Don’t be afraid to go loose

This is a huge SummerSmart tip. Baggy trousers are scary but they are so much better, trust GVS to make you a good pair of wide trousers and see this as an opportunity! Buy yourself a seersucker and go loose, get a bespoke design at GVS to suit your measurements and your legs will thank you!

5 | Invest in some invisible socks.

It’s not a fashion crime and it’s definitely SummerSmart. Invisible socks are on your side! They are fashionable and they are definitely better than the other option that is hot, sweaty and bare feet which will eventually ruin 1) your shoes 2) your social standing.

6 | Get some QUALITY sunglasses

Unfortunately the chances of breaking a pair of sunglasses or leaving them on the train is quite high. So always keep a spare pair handy – especially if you’re travelling.

7 | Invest in GVS Shirt and make sure you use an undershirt.

Good quality t-shirts and vests will defiantly help you set your outfit apart without breaking a sweat. Why not try our GVS shirts with a Sea Island Cotton, or Breathable Cashmere undershirt.