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“SunGrooming” for the Summer

Summer has predicted us to have record temperatures and therefore it will hit us hard and quickly, but you need to be prepared for the sun here is your SunGrooming guide. Before you start worrying about your wardrobe, or even better if you have your wardrobe ready, move your attention to your personal care and SunGrooming.

1) Fix your feet

Something that is very important is looking after areas that sometimes go un-noticed. Feet aren’t the most attractive part of you but they still get seen and therefore you should maintain them. Here are some quick D-I-Y footcare tips if you don’t have the time to run out for a pedicure. This will get you sun ready and which is why its our first “SunGrooming” tip.

Use a footfile and cut toe nails in a straight line with filing the edges smooth (prevents ingrown nails).
Soak feet in warm water and use a foot scrub.
The half moon at the base of the nail should be visible, if not scrape the underside of the nail to clean them properly.
Buff the nails and moisturise all over with any simple moisturiser.

2) Invest in GOOD suncream

Unless you have already had previous exposure to the sun recently, your body won’t be ready for the sun. By the end of summer you’ll have built up natural protection to the sun but at the start of summer your skin will be fragile and you must treat it so, or you WILL BURN.

Burning doesn’t necessarily mean tanning, it means peeling and this means damaged skin, wrinking, uneven skin tone, and even disease like skin cancer. Avoid early tan lines as they’re hard to shift too.

Start with a high sunblock factor over 30, and apply it before you leave the house so you’re protected early on. Of course if you want to fast track your tanning ways you can try fake tanning. Here are a few GVS tips on how to avoid the easy mistakes and fake tan well.

Don’t drink for the first 2hours after you tan, or use a straw, leaving yourself with a white top lip – maybe not…
Don’t be fooled into thinking you can use a self tanning body kit for your face, especially with a beard.
Shaving the day you tan can strip some colour away so shave 24 hours before tanning.
Always wait 3HOURS before going to the gym. Even if your tan has dried, you need to set it into your skin before you sweat, or you’d get streaks… MAYBE NOT. Or the alternative is use a waterproof spray tan.

3) Protect your skin

There has recently been a drastic drop in air quality so use smart skin care and give yourself a fighting chance men. GVS recommends anti-oxidising sun protection. Clarins SPF 50 Day Multi-protection will shield your skin cells well.

4) Don’t sweat it

We mentioned this in an earlier article and its as vital of a wardrobe feature as it is a grooming one, and thats a good DEODRANT. Sure for men will keep you dry for hours on end and will keep you smelling fresh.