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Over this 3piece segment of the luxury of less I will be discussing when is an outfit really worth investing in or when is it better to just hit the high street? I am setting out to find out if less IS more, by exploring some more traditionally staples in a mans wardrobe namely tailored-suit and shirts and watches. If you haven’t caught our other editorials simply click the link below to re-direct you to the other articles of how to invest in yourself

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Are the so called “investment” pieces really worth the price tag? – and regardless of budget there will be a short buying guide at the end of every segment. A lot of classic items are generally more expensive, although I am genuinely interested in what makes these items more expensive and why are we paying more?

We are all told that what sets a man apart is his suit, we will be exploring what sets a tailored-suit apart from a mass produced suit. Head stylist’s at GVS let us know – why does it take more than 100 hours to make each tailored-suit by hand
It is all about making your own style, YOU are the designer, and the cutters and tailors are there to guide you and shape your vision. When someone orders a suit it’s not for a season, with a bespoke suit it’s all about longevity. With the right choice of cloth you can be wearing a suit for 5 or 10 years or even longer. When people say its an investment piece, it truly is. With something bespoke you will automatically feel more confident and more at home in your own suit. A Savile Row average fully bespoke suit starts at £5000/$9000 the cost then increases with how unusual the cloth is, the thread count, the most expensive suit I’ve seen was 100% cashmere and the name was written in gold thread, in the reigon of £50,000.

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A bespoke suit will be cut, fitted, then re cut and re fitted which is a process that would normally take up to 3 months although if done right like at GVS it takes up to a month to get your tailored-suit out to you.

An experts guide of how to buy off the rack – take someone with you, a trusted friend that may have an eye for it, a second opinion always helps. Also if you have already bought off the rack, make sure that you can get the right trouser length, there is nothing worse than a man with dodgy trousers. Make sure your suit always fits the shoulders, make sure its versatile (a colour and pattern that will work on all occasions), a fit from your favourite label, shop around and find the fit that looks the best on you
The idea of buying a tailored-suit to last me 20 years definitely appeals more than buying 5 off the rack suits in the same time.


Next we talk watches.

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