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The Top 3 Qualities of a Gentleman

We live in a world that is full of titles and identity confusion. One of the first questions that one asks another when they first meet is, “what do you do as a living?”

Our 9-5 has stolen our identity and is no longer an occupation but is instead everything we stand. Instead of being a father who loves to rock climb and hike on the weekends, they are instead an “insurance salesman”.

There is only one title that a man should strive to live up to, and that is the title of a “gentleman”. What exactly is that? Although opening a door for a lady is a nice gesture, it does not make you a gentleman. If you want to become a gentleman, make sure that your characteristics align with all the listings below.

Serve Others– A gentleman knows that his life isn’t about him, it’s about bettering others around him. He has knowledge and skills for one reason; to help others.

Be Wise– A gentleman is full of wisdom. You will never meet a gentleman that does not offer great advice. They always seek to learn more and if they don’t know the answer to something, they will figure it out.

Respect Women– Last but DEFINITELY not least… a man cannot be a gentleman unless he treats a lady like pure gold. A gentleman will always open a door for a lady. A gentleman will always walk on the outside of the sidewalk when with a lady. A gentleman will always offer his coat when a lady is cold and he will also put it on her. A gentleman loves only one woman and is NEVER a “player”; they are a one-woman man.