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Mens Accessories

Tips for Organizing Menswear Accessories

Organizing your menswear accessories – ties, belts, handkerchiefs, and so forth – can seem overwhelming, but it’s well worth the effort. You will save time not having to dig through your closet, and will also have a better sense of what you already own. Below are a few quick tips on organizing your closet, focusing on accessories.


For ties, use a designated tie rack, or roll and store. The latter option might be better if you have a particularly expansive collection, but be sure to keep up with putting ties back every time you wear them. There are many different options for tie racks, depending on the type of space you have. Other small cloth accessories, like pocket squares and handkerchiefs, can be neatly folded and stored in a small wooden box. This can be a good solution for bow-ties too, if you only a few; otherwise, hang them up, or store them rolled up.


It’s important to implement a system for organizing socks, which tend to gravitate towards large, unorganized piles. Dividers in a drawer can be used to keep individual pairs separate, and neatly organized (store them rolled up). Belts, too, tend to end up piles. They can also be rolled, or hung by the buckles. Store small metal accessories, like cufflinks and tie pins, in jewelry boxes or small cloth bags. Craft trays are a nice solution for keeping small items separated. Shoes too, tend to become disorganized, and therefore require some sort of a system. For your nicer leather shoes and boots, be sure to use shoe trees, which will ensure that your shoes will retain their shape. Keep nicer shoes in boxes or in cloth bags.

Men Can Pinterest Too


For every organization system you can buy from your local Container Store, or IKEA, there exists a great do-it-yourself version. Pinterest is an amazing resource for finding little hacks, tricks, and ideas for home improvement projects, and just learning to be an overall organization and fashion boss. (Who knew that shower curtain rings and a wooden hanger would make an amazing tie rack?). Although most guys tend to shy away from using Pinterest, because it’s seen as too girly, it’s definitely not just for the ladies! There is far more to the site than just recipes and women’s fashion; you’ll also find lots of great ideas for organizing your menswear accessories.

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