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Caring for a Suit

Tips on Caring for a Suit

A good suit is the cornerstone of every well-dressed man’s closet. It’s an investment, and among the more expensive pieces of clothing you will ever purchase. Given the amount of thought – and money – that goes into buying the perfect suit, it is imperative that you extend this care to how you treat, wear, and maintain it. Caring for a suit is not complex, but it does require a bit of thought. Following a few simple tips will ensure that your suit will remain in the best possible condition for years to come. Below are some tips on caring for a suit:

While Wearing

The most important thing to remember is that you are not wearing just any garment: a suit is a prized article which demands attention and should be treated with respect. Avoid any sudden or violent movements, such as running, jumping, or throwing. Do not fill the suit’s pockets, particularly with heavy or sharp objects, which can not only damage the suit, but also make it look less tailored and sharp. If something spills, gently blot it, without scrubbing or rubbing. It can also help to unbutton the suit before sitting down, which decreases the chances of an unforeseen rip or tear.

After Wearing

A critical, but frequently overlooked step, is to carefully brush the suit with a natural fiber brush after wear, using a flicking, downward motion (only brush in one direction, and never scrub). Before putting the suit away, leave it out for a day or so to breathe and dry out.

Caring for a Suit While Storing

Contrary to what many people believe, dry cleaning can actually harm your suit, and should be avoided unless necessary (e.g. a spill or stain), or if the suit is going to be stored for a long period of time. Steaming a suit is acceptable, but dry cleaning it too often can lead to damage and premature wear. If you choose to store your suit in a bag, avoid plastic. Go with a cloth bag instead, which has greater breathability. Invest in high-quality hangers, preferably wood. Finally, moths can devastate a wool suit, so don’t forget to use cedar chips or lavender sachets in your closet as natural deterrents.


With a little thought, and a few simple steps, it is possible to properly care for your suit, ensuring that it will last for years.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband