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The Right Way to Wear a Turtleneck

If the temperature drops, the neckline rises, it’s the rule. Here is a quick guide on how to pull off one of 2016’s biggest trends! Do turtlenecks make you think about smoking pipes, or leisure suits? It’s time to let those ideals go, it’s not the 70’s anymore – they have had a serious makeover. A well made turtleneck is casual enough for a night out, but also dressed-up enough to pass a dress code. Before putting your neck out there – here are a few rules!

1) Dark colours are a fail-safe

You will find turtlenecks out there in bright colours, but there are very few that can pull that look off! Once you have the basic white, black and navy’s down you can venture into the different hues, stripes and patterns.

Ed Westwick 15

2) Leave the heavy pieces for the winter and stick to merino in the summer

Steve Jobs pulled the mock turtlenecks like a dream! Stick to the full neck for the winter and transition into the mock turtlenecks for the summer. We believe that merino wool feels better for the summer because its lighter and doesn’t make you feel too constrained.

heavy winter rollneck

3) Pair your turtleneck with a topcoat for a sleek look

If you are looking to go for a sleek look to send the ladies crazy, stick with a turtleneck, small chain, and a topcoat, topped off with black chelsea boots and black jeans. Eliminate the grandpa vibes and move into the 21st century.

turtleneck and olivesunglasses and turtleneck

4) Don’t break the bank, but don’t compromise on quality, 3 brands you cannot go wrong with

It’s unlikely this look isn’t for you but if you’d like to test it out for a few days purchase from one of the following brands and then upgrade to something more luxe. COS, Paul Smith, or Ralph Lauren and eventually move onto something like Ricci?

ralph laurenPaul Smithstefano ricci