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Upgrade Your Style

Understanding How to Upgrade Your Style Quickly

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]While it’s certainly possible to read all of what there is know when it comes to upgrading a wardrobe quickly and the most fashionable bits to purchase, the underlying principles of what constitutes style aren’t usually made clear. Sure it’s easy to read an article and go out and buy the latest pair of wingtip shoes, a stylish three-piece suit, or even a fashion staple like a men’s wristwatch, but not understanding what makes the item fashionable in the first place doesn’t allow men to learn from experience and be able to apply it in the future upgrade. Let’s take a look at these style upgrade principles now.

The Elements

There are three elements to fashion that make something truly stylish: fit, fabric, and style. For all menswear, the fit is essential. Men who neglect this simple aspect of fashion will find themselves with a wardrobe packed full of ill-fitting items that look terrible against their frames. The style is also an important consideration to make as it will largely reflect the fit, so having a properly tapered appearance in clothes in the beginning will lead to the wisest choices later on. The fabric used should also be considered with equal importance as men should aim to fill their wardrobe with top-tier wool and cottons while avoiding synthetics wherever possible.


A luxury wardrobe will carry a luxury price tag, but can a man actually afford it? There’s no reason to buy the most lavish items just because they’re seen as the most stylish at the time. Instead, men should take the time to understand what they’re able to afford on a monthly basis when it comes to their wardrobe and set their limits accordingly. By having this figure in mind, men will be able to identify fashionable items that aren’t solely based on a manufacturer’s label or their suggested price tag and work within their own allowances.


A truly stylish item is one that will be versatile and serve its purpose. If men are aiming for the best in black tie wear, then they should attend these events where possible in order to have a better understanding of how high-end formal wear works and what accessories are most important or look best with a tuxedo. Similarly, if he’s dressing for a casual event, then being around these casual settings will give greater insight into the sharpest men in the room. By seeing fashion in action, it is possible to create an upgrade plan that can be put into place very quickly.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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