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Spring Shoe Styles

Upcoming Spring Shoe Styles for Men

The icy grip of winter seems to be a lingering one for many of us, but the minds behind fashion have seemingly adapted to the longer winter we’re experiencing and have released a range of fashionable footwear that’s both accommodating the cooler conditions while still providing the trendy chic that we’re looking for in our next pair of shoes. Let’s take a look at some of the market’s more domineering traits for spring shoe styles of 2016.


Think Low

In a seeming throwback to the late 1990s, skater-esque shoes have retaken the market by storm. Ankle-height shoes seemingly sort of faded into the market and found a comfortable niche for themselves as “house shoes” or “just going out to the store” shoes, but have since been redeveloped in ways that are making us rethink this type of shoe as a whole. Converse recently recreated its rubber toe box to create a wider yet but shorter profile that accommodates this type of shoe perfectly and other industry names are expected to follow suit.

Think Thick

What repelled a lot of us from these casual, flip-flop sort of shoes was that they were so light wearing. For a lot of us, the very low price tags associated with these shoes often meant that we were replacing them within a month since they’d just fall apart in a matter of weeks. Fortunately, that seems to not the the case for this season’s run of shoes, which have taken on a far thicker profile than the average casual shoe and will undoubtedly keep our feet warm until the weather decides to cooperate. For this reason, new low-rise shoes are expected to be far more durable than they’ve been for the past decade. Whether the price point will change remains to be seen and will reveal itself in a matter of months.

Think Dressier

For a long while, casual shoes were dominated by flashier running shoes that came in all sorts of colors and patterns. While the market for this isn’t likely to change and has firmly established itself, there’s a new wave of shoes being released in the coming season that caters to those who don’t want purple and orange shoes. Instead, we can expect to see a variety of designs that take on a trendier appearance and have grains that closely reflect leather. Similarly, we’ll find colors that are more neutral: grey is expected to be a big player in this spring shoe styles.

Michael Snell

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