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Grey Velvet Blazer

Velvet Blazers: Stylish Wintertime Wear

Since the winter season is still firmly upon us, men are looking for ways to add a bit of flair to their wardrobes for that twilight period until the spring. Velvet blazers have long been overlooked as something a little too glamorous for a masculine man, but this is an idea that’s slowly disappearing thanks to fashion minds and celebrities having a more willing approach to including velvet in their formal wear. There are some rules to velvet that men will need to pay attention to if they’re going to pull it off successfully though. This is especially true if he already feels somewhat uncomfortable around the fabric, but is willing to experiment a little bit to see what sort of result he produces.

Evening Wear

Velvet blazers are usually found during the night in the typical black, grey, and navy tones found on more standard silk or polyester suits. However, a velvet blazer that’s worn in the evening is usually teamed with more forgiving standard trousers thanks to the guise of darkness making it less obvious to the naked eye – and the added comfort regular suit trousers provide. It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong with this approach. In fact, it’s being seen more regularly in today’s fashion scene and does make velvet a little more accessible for shy men who wouldn’t otherwise consider it as a part of their wardrobes. One of the most common looks today is pairing a grey velvet blazer with standard black suit trousers and the end result is quite aesthetically pleasing.

Matching Tie

In addition to a standard plain white shirt, men should aim to match their ties to the color depth of their suit. Black is never truly out of place and does make a good initial selection, but will appear quite drab against a velvet blazer and isn’t all that inspired. This is why men should aim to color match where possible in order to create the most complimentary appearance against velvet’s quite visible texture. Fashion accessories could also be an appropriate addition, but should be similarly color matched wherever possible.

Jacket Color

Choose a more traditional color like black, navy, or this season’s hottest trend: grey. The MS Bespoke Style 29 by GvS Clothiers makes an excellent choice thanks to its very safe color scheme and matching grey contrasts throughout the jacket. Men who have been hesitant about velvet needn’t be any longer thanks to this very high quality and customizable piece.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband