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Budget Wardrobe

Wardrobe on a Budget: The Adventure in Limited Funds

Looking like a million bucks often entails spending a million. The best fabrics, the best cuts, the best brands all come with stratospheric price tags. Quality is the word in fashion and quality is expensive. For a piece to last a long time it must be made well and used sparingly in rotation. A wardrobe is a slow investment much like tools in a garage. A full compliment cannot be purchased in one day. Yet over a lifetime, one acquires a respectable collection through patience and persistence. When we look at creating a wardrobe on a budget we immediately think of cheap pieces. The word budget leads us there. But this is not what we mean. We want good fabric and good cuts and we must be willing to pay more. But more does not mean most. In working with a limited budget we leverage time and investment, need and immediacy. In doing so we slowly but effectively move forward to being men of style without skipping meals because of a purchase (though for the right jacket a few day so fasting might not be so bad).

The best way to begin creating a wardrobe on a spending restriction is to make a list first of what you both want and need to purchase. Knowing how you want to dress, what pieces are a must and what pieces are a matter of simple desire will direct your focus. You must sit down and plan out a weeks’ worth of outfits. That will then tell you where you are and what you need to buy. Whether or not you can go out and then buy is another matter.

Once you know how you want to dress and what you to buy, you must then seek out garments. It must be said that finding the right clothes is more like a hunt than anything else. When hunting, you have two expectations. You will either find exactly the game you’re looking for or you will come up empty.  Whether shopping in a boutique, a warehouse chain, or in a thrift shop, the odds of finding the right piece each time out are high. Patience is the main quality to cultivate. With patience and persistence you will have an ensemble that will both characterize your personality and showcase your excellent taste. In this way, by being patient and adopting the mentality of a hunter, shopping for clothes becomes less a chore and more an adventure and this is the right attitude for such an important and time consuming venture.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband