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Clip on Ties

Wearing Clip On Ties

Once considered a fashion faux-pas, clip on ties are quickly becoming more commonplace in today’s wardrobe. Thanks to their versatility and requirements for some careers where safety is a concern that would be jeopardized using a traditional tie, clip ons are now the go-to tie option for some men. However, many are knowingly wearing these ties inappropriately and this really needn’t be the case at all. Let’s take a look at how to wear a clip on properly.

Clip on Ties with Oxford

When wearing a clip on, it’s important to note that the neck band won’t be present on the tie, which makes it essential to pair with an Oxford shirt to give the tie the illusion that it was hand tied. Wearing it with a loose collar or even a collarless shirt will immediately identify wearers as using a clip on tie, which might attract the stigma that the tie seems to carry around. Keeping the collar down and fastened ensures the tie has a stealthier, more natural appearance on the shirt that won’t attract too many questions unless it is inappropriately fastened to the shirt.

Clip Fastening

Many men incorrectly fasten their clip on ties over the top of the shirt, which is not only uncomfortable and rides the throat unnecessarily, it sits well-above the point at which a normal tie would rest on the shirt and becomes a dead give away to anyone within eyesight. The correct insertion is through the top button hole, which can be left open for this purpose. This allows the tie to sit more flush with the collar and looks far more presentable.


Unfortunately, clip on ties tend to come in rather stock colors that err on the cautious side. That’s not to say it’s impossible to make a clip on tie using a fastener and a step-by-step tutorial, but those looking to pick up something quickly from the shop will usually be looking at the most conservative solid colors available (think black, navy blue, red). This is rather unfortunate, but it does make things slightly easier when it comes to choosing the right tie for the occasion since any of these would be appropriate for more formal scenarios. For more casual affairs? The wearer should question whether or not a tie is even appropriate. A more formal tie will likely appear too dressy for the occasion.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband