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Denim Shirts Making a Come Back

Wearing Denim Shirts After the 2015 Boom

Last year undoubtedly saw one of the biggest rises in denim shirts’ popularity in the past decade. While the hardy, versatile option will always be a staple in wardrobes around the world, there seemed to be something about the fashion industry that just went nuts for denim as a complete body-covering option. Guys who were swept up in the craze likely have quite a bit of denim in their wardrobe that’s still in excellent condition from last year. Let’s take a look at how to revive those looks and keep them fresh for the coming season.


Layering with Denim Shirts

One of the biggest fashion trends when it came to denim last year was layering it. We simply couldn’t wear enough layers of the stuff. An overcoat wasn’t complete without a waistcoat; without a shirt; and without underlying accessories that completed the overall look. While this sort of layering will look a bit dated by today’s standards, that’s not to say men can’t choose from a variety of appropriate options when it comes to layering. No, it isn’t about maximizing the amount of layers, but rather maximizing their effectiveness. A darker vest makes a particularly good combination with a lighter shirt, and denim shirts can be paired with matching color jeans for an overall sleek and fashionable look.


Form Fitting

Unfortunately, the rules for wearing denim can all seem a bit convoluted and the sheer volume of different cuts can make everything seem really difficult on the surface. The issue has been resolved this year as form-fitting clothes are becoming more standardized. While it’s difficult to get true body-hugging denim, tighter fitting shirts should be brought to the front of the collection this season. Loose, baggy, and torn denim shirts can all be placed into storage until they become desirable again.



Similar to the idea of form fitting, denim should be ironed on a regular basis for sharper lines that accentuate the concept of being body hugging. Denim that looks obviously worn and wrinkled isn’t something that’s going to be appropriate for this season. Instead, men should opt for the cleanest lines possible for a trendy look.



Something fashion minds started introducing towards the end of the 2015 season was cuffed wrists on long sleeve denim shirts. These are still appropriate for the coming spring season provided they are dressed down and sharply presented as noted above.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband